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Contact Grill Meat

Grilled meat locally known as Nyama choma  is a loved delicacy.It is commonly enjoyed with family and friends at get togethers,usually an outdoor activity.Grilling is actually a healthy way of cooking.But what if you to achieve the same great taste in doors? Without the hustle of smoky charcoal?Perharps you are huge on saving trees and the environment and charcoal just wont cut it?A contact grill is your best bet!here is a great way to go about it.


400grams beef(I chose the T Bone for this as it is tender meat)

For your marinade:

Juice of 1 orange

Half cup oil

1 tbs soy

1 tbs worcestershire


Black pepper




Marinate your beef for about 2 hours

Heat up your contact grill like so,

Once hot,place your beef pieces on the hot grill,and cover the grill

Six minutes later….

Notice the grill marks on the beef😊

Six minutes should be good time for your beef to be well done

Serve and enjoy.

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Butternut Soup

Butternut soup is soup perfect for chilly weather. Its hearty,delicious and full of vitamin goodness. Butternut is full of Vitamin A which is good for your eyes,skin and health in general.

Its equally good as a starter for your mealtime.

Its equally high in potassium for high blood pressure,Vitamin C for your immunity,Iron for your blood,a superfood in its own right.

The benefits are immense but lets get started!


1 medium size butternut,peeled seeded and diced

1 tbs oil

1 onion

1 carrot

1 celery rib

2 cloves garlic

1 cup stock or water



In a pan, fry your onions and garlic in oil

Add in the carrots,celery and butternut

Add in the salt and stock and let it boil till the butternut is soft

Once its done,put the mix in a blender and blend till smooth

Return the blended mix to your pan to reheat the mix

Keep stirring;if you find it too thick you can add more stock or water to your preference.

Serve and enjoy.